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READING - Cinema- LEVEL 1/2

I really enjoy watching movies and going to the cinema. I usually go to the cinema in Hakata city because it’s convenient for me. I usually go there by bus. It takes about 10 minutes from my house.

I like many kinds of movies, but I especially like science fiction and action films. I haven’t been to the cinema recently, I last went to the cinema last year to watch Mission Impossible. It was really exciting. Next I want to watch Toy Story 4, it’s an animation film and it looks really interesting.

When I go to the cinema, I like to sit in the middle and I always order popcorn and tea from the concession stand.

Cinema - Video - Level 1/2 - Part 1

Cinema - Video - Level 1/2 - Part 2

Cinema - Video - Level 1/2 - Part 3

READING - Cinema- LEVEL 2/3

I really enjoy going to the cinema though I unfortunately don’t get to go there very often. When I do go to the cinema, I usually go to Hakata city as it’s the closest one to my house. I haven’t been to the cinema at all recently, the last time I went was about a year ago to watch Mission Impossible which was a very entertaining and surprisingly uplifting film.

The movie I’d like to watch in the cinema now is Toy Story 4 which is coming out in July. I have watched all the movies in the series so far and both my kids and I love Toy Story. To infinity and beyond!! I’ve watched the trailer and it looks like it’s going to be a very fun and also moving film.

I’m really looking forward to it.

When I go to the cinema, I always try to find a seat somewhere in the middle, if possible by the aisle so I can spread my legs. I always buy popcorn, salted not sweet, and some tea at the concession stand before the movie starts.

Cinema - Video - Level 2/3