As people that know me have come to understand very well, and probably you don’t, I really like making lists of things. Usually my lists and efforts to compile them are largely ignored by the general population but I think my blog provides me with an excellent medium to continue my good work.  I’m generally very keen on films so it probably makes sense to start with a list of my favourite films.


5) There’s something about Mary


This is my favourite comedy. I think comedy is incredibly hard to do right. There are countless great action films, thrillers or science fiction films, but there are very very few great comedies. “There’s something about Mary” is one of them I believe. I’ve watched it a million times and still find it hilarious. Matt Dillon gave a comedic performance for the ages.

お気に入りのコメディです。コメディは、うまくやるのがものすごく難しいものだと思います。 アクション・スリラー・SFの秀作は数え切れないほどありますが、コメディの傑作というのは本当に極めて少ないです。「メリーに首ったけ」は、そうした傑作の1つでしょう。何度も何度も観ていますが、今でもまだ面白いと思えます。マット・ディロンがコメディアンとして稀代の名演技を披露しています。

4) The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou


I could pick any Wes Anderson film really. I love the guy, I love his work, his vision his refusal to do things by the standards set by others. There is in my mind one word that defines his films and that’s  “quirky” but there is much, so much more to them than just quirk. Layer over layer of human emotions and vulnerabilities exposed in his uncompromising visual style. In my mind the most visionary of today’s directors.

ウェス・アンダーソン監督の映画なら本当に何でも選べますね。 彼とその作品、ビジョン、他人の基準で動くことを拒否する姿勢が大好きです。彼の映画を言い表そうとして心に浮かぶのは、「奇抜」の一言ですが、その一言だけでは言い表せないものがもっとたくさん、彼の映画にはあります。彼の妥協のない撮り方・見せ方からあらわになる、人間の感情のひだともろさ。現代の監督達の中では最も先見性・独創性のある人だと思います。

3) Evil Dead 2


Hilarious. Can’t wait for my daughter to be over 14 or something so I can start watching it at home again.


2) The Godfather


A perfect film. Perfect direction, perfect screenplay, perfect delivery by perfect actors, perfect costumes, perfect score. A perfect process of memorable scenes. The best film ever made.


1) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


A film that plays and feels like a dream. A film that deconstructs with you while playing videos from your childhood. I read somewhere that this is the movie playing around the clock in heaven and I totally agree. (Disclaimer: I don’t believe in heaven.) I can’t overstate how great I think this film is.


Special mentions:  Groundhog Day, Totoro.


Have you watched any of these films? Which films do you love?