Strange Christmas Traditions - 風変わりな、クリスマスの風習

Hello everyone, once again the festive season is upon us and it’s time for some serious end of year parties and yuletide fun. I hope everyone likes the Christmas decorations we have put up in Kensington Akasaka, a special thank you to Aya for coming in on her day off to decorate the tree. Apologies for the squeaking bell ornament that was driving everyone crazy last weekend we are working to rectify the problem as swiftly as possible.

Christmas in Japan never quite does it for me I’m sorry to say, it seems like a big lead up to nothing actually happening on the day and the idea of queueing up to buy KFC chicken on Christmas day was always a bit beyond my understanding…..until I found this list of weird Christmas traditions from around the world. There were originally 35 but in true Tim fashion I’ve picked the top 10.

1: South Africa
On Christmas day the local delicacy is deep fried caterpillars of the emperor moth.

2: Catalonia
There is a tradition known as the ‘Tio de nadal’ The pooping log! A log is decorated with a face and a blanket then thrown in the fire and beaten with sticks.

3: Norway
There is no cleaning on Christmas eve, all cleaning products are hidden away until after Christmas.

4: Venezuela
In Caracas, everyone rollerskates to Christmas Mass.

5: Greenland
Some pretty unusual Christmas foods here, Mattak which is raw whale skin served with blubber, and Kiviak, which is 70 dead auk birds stuffed into a seal skin and left to ferment for 7 months!

6: Ukraine
In Ukraine the traditional tinsel and baubles aren’t used to decorate the tree, they use fake spider webs instead.

7: Wales
Mari Lwydd is performed in some villages, a villager is chosen to parade through the streets with the skull of a mare on the end of a stick.

8: Great Britain
An age old tradition that states every member of the family must stir the Christmas pudding in a clockwise direction before it’s cooked, making a wish as they do.

9: Slovakia
In slovakia the most senior male member of the family takes a spoonful of Loksa pudding and throws it at the ceiling. The more that sticks the better.

10: South Africa
Children are told the story of Danny a boy who angered his grandmother by eating all the Christmas cookies so she killed him. The grandmother’s spirit is said to haunt houses at Christmas time.

So there you have it, actually KFC buying was on the list too, it said that the tradition began in 1976 when a powerful advertising campaign by the fast food chain convinced everyone that is was the place to be at Christmas.

Have a great Christmas and new year everyone. I look forward to seeing you all again next year.