The year of the monkey 申年

Hello everyone, welcome back, hopefully you have all overcome your holiday blues and by now are back into the swing of things, back to work and back to school. Nice.


Like I said in my previous blog we have lots of things planned for this year and hope to make your time with us as comfortable, fun, and informative as possible.


For those of you still undecided as to whether to join the new year party next week please remember that we need your final answer this week(deadline the 28th) For the rest of you, if you can, please try to remember to bring the entrance fee at your next lesson.


This year is of course the year of the monkey in Japan, we have a few quite common expressions/ idioms connected with monkeys so I thought I might teach you a few today.


Here it goes.


Monkey around (play around, not do something seriously)

「猿」し回る (ブラブラする、物事を軽く扱う)

Stop monkeying around! I want to get this finished and go home.


Brass monkey weather (freezing cold)

「真鍮の型枠から大砲が落っこちるほどの」天気 (英俗・凍えるように寒い)

I’m not going out in that. It’s brass monkey weather out there.


Cheeky monkey (often for kids, a cheeky child)

「厚かましい猿」 (しばしば子供に対して、厚かましい子供)

His mouth is going to get him into trouble one day, he’s a right cheeky monkey.


I’ll be a monkey’s uncle! (to show great surprise)


I’ll be a monkey’s uncle, I’ve just won 1,000,000 pounds on the lottery!


Grease monkey (mechanic)


My car was making a funny noise so I took it to the grease monkey’s.


Monkey see, monkey do. (to imitate)


I try not to let my kids watch too much trash t.v. You know what they are like: monkey see monkey do.


Hope they come in handy, look forward to seeing you all at the party on the 31st.