Tim’s Blog – Studying English – Making something into a habit - 英語の学習 – 習慣の力

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Aristotle

「我々は物事を繰り返し行う生き物である。故に、優秀さというものは、1回の行いではなく1つの習慣なのである。」 アリストテレス

I think it has generally been accepted in the past few years that the easiest way to improve at something, learn a new skill, get fitter, learn a new language or do basically anything that requires time and effort is to make it into a daily habit.


I realised that about one or two years ago when I started writing a number of daily tasks I had to complete every day. I started with 4 daily tasks which were 1) Sorry, I can’t say 2) Play with my daughter 3) Stretch and 4) Exercise.  When I started, I found even something as simple as stretching to be quite difficult to accomplish every day. Not to mention how hard actually starting to exercise daily was.

1年か2年くらい前、日々自分がしないといけないいくつかの日課を書き出し始めたときに、そのことに気付きました。4つの日課から始めたのですが、それは 1) すみません、内緒です 2) 娘と遊ぶ 3) ストレッチをする 4) 運動をする というものでした。始めてみると、ストレッチくらいの単純なことでさえ、毎日やり遂げるのは結構難しいんだなと感じました。毎日運動し始めるのがどれだけ大変だったかは、言うまでもありません。

After I started doing it every day for a week or two I realised that the amount of mental and physical effort required to accomplish those tasks diminished day by day up to the point that they became almost automatic after a while.


Playing with my daughter doesn’t exactly work this way but having it as one of my day to day tasks ensured that I would try and spend at least some quality time with her even when I was really busy.


After my realisation of the power of the daily habit I started adding daily tasks about anything I thought that can improve my character, my skills or could serve as good motivator to make my days more productive or simply more enjoyable.


My list of daily tasks is now up to 31 including Drinking Moderately (Mixed results there), Eating Healthily,  Reading a Book, Playing an instrument, Walking 10,000 steps, Not complaining about anything, Being concentrated and teaching good classes etc….


If you want to improve your English why don’t you just try and make it into a daily habit too? I think you will find it to be very effective!