Blog about my next class - Cooking Recipes


Hello everyone, this weekend in Kensington and next Friday in Windsor we are going to talk about cooking and recipes in English. Also it's going to be the subject of some of our private students' lessons this week and next

First we are going to ask some general questions about food and cooking.

What kind of food do you like? Do you like cooking? How often do you cook? etc...

we are going to introduce different ways of cooking such as:

bake, boil, fry, grill, roast, steam, eat raw

After that we are going to talk about how we cook some usual foods.

Level 1

How do you usually cook potatoes?

I usually fry/steam/boil…. them.

Level 2

How do you like potatoes cooked?

I like them fried/boiled/roasted….

Level 3

How do you like potatoes cooked?

I like them fried and served with paprika, oregano and grated parmesan cheese.

Next we will introduce some expressions we use when cooking. For example

cut, chop, slice, peel, stir etc….

Finally you will use the vocabulary to talk about your favourite recipe!

My favourite dish recently is Portuguese-Style Fish Stew. Very easy to make and absolutely delicious!! This is the link to it

 Portuguese-Style Fish Stew

Let's enjoy talking about cooking in English!!

See you,