TOEIC単語リスト・職業や人に関する重要単語カード No.1

Continuing with words necessary for beginner and lower intermediate TOEIC students, today I’m going to post some professions or other words associated with people. This is the first part and the second part will be published soon.



accountant         会計士()

assistant              助手、アシスタント

attendant            接客係、案内係

audience             観客、聴衆

clerk      事務員、店員

client     依頼人、顧客

cook      ()料理する/料理人

crew      乗組員、搭乗員

criminal                 犯罪者、犯人

crowd   人混み、群衆

customer             顧客、得意先

engineer              エンジニア、技師、技術者

guest     客、来賓

lawyer  弁護士

manager              管理職、マネージャー


Flashcards of these words are available for Windsor Eikaiwa students to practice on your smartphones or computers.