TOEIC単語リスト・場所関連の重要単語カード No.1

We continue with the words necessary for beginner and lower intermediate students with vocabulary associated with places. This is the first part of words and the second will be published soon.


address  住所/()話しかける

agency  代理店、特約店

amusement       楽しみ、娯楽

area       地域、区域

arrive    (ある場所に)着く、到着する

bakery  パン屋

closet    押入れ、戸棚

direction  指導、方向

district  地区、区域

exit        出口、退出

field       野原、競技場

front      前方、前面

garage  車庫

The vocabulary above is available in flashcard form for our Windsor Eikaiwa students.