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I have lived in Fukuoka for about 14 years now and since I always believed that where I lay my feet at night is home, Fukuoka has been my home for 14 years. I love it here, I love the food, the people and the proximity to the sea and the mountains. Here is a brief history of the different places in Fukuoka that I have lived.


When I first came to Fukuoka I lived in Chikugo (near Kurume) for 6 months with my wife’s family. Chikugo was OK I guess and my wife’s parents were extremely kind and generous to me, as so many nice Japanese people I have met over the years, but having lived most of my life in rather big cities, I found it a little boring.


So we moved to Fukuoka city and more specifically, Otemon, near Ohori park. We lived there for a few years and the location was really nice(especially for accessing the park and a nice yakitori shop just across the road), but there was another building built just a couple of metres from our window, which completely shut our sunshine off. Also the bike riders at night were quite bothersome so time to move again.


Next stop Daimyo!! Excellent location, so convenient that we can just access so many restaurants and bars just minutes on foot away from our house. Drawbacks included drunks every weekend and that was definitely not a place to start a family.

次に落ち着いたのは大名!! とてもいい場所です。非常に便利ですし、レストランやバーが歩いて数分のところにたくさんあります。ですが、週末ごとに酔っ払いの人が出るといった問題もあって、ここで子供を生んで育てるというわけには、絶対に行きませんでした。

Now we are happily living in Yakuin. Excellent location, nice restaurants nearby, minutes away from Tenjin, very very very quiet, especially compared with Daimyo or Otemon. Only drawback is that there aren’t any nice parks within walking distance. Yakuin has proved to be an excellent place to start my family and we have been happily living here since.


How about you? Where do you live?