Cat idioms – Part 1 猫関連の慣用句 ー パート1

Some people are really crazy about their cats. I found the photo above somewhere on the net a year ago and since then, I was always thinking of some way to use it. Luckily cats aren’t only used in tacky photographs but also in many idioms in the English language.
So here are some very popular ones.


a fat cat : an impolite way of referring to someone who is very rich and powerful
After the Lehman shock the whole world was rightfully angry towards the fat cat bankers whose stupidity and greed almost drove the western world to collapse.


Cat got your tongue?: Why are you not saying anything? (Often said by adults to children.)
Why aren’t you saying anything? Cat got your tongue?


be the cat's whiskers  : to be better than everyone else
I thought I was the cat’s whiskers in my new socks and shoes. Unfortunately no other person shared my feelings.


raining cats and dogs: to be raining in great amounts
I’m not going anywhere in this ghastly weather. It’s raining cats and dogs!


I will be posting the second part of idioms and proverbs soon.