Top Business English Words from the Recession pt.1 - 景気後退時において使用頻度の高い、ビジネス英語表現 その1

The Lehman shock may have occurred more than 6 years ago, but the world is very much still living its effects. Here is the first part of some business English words that dominated the headlines during that time. This is especially useful for advanced or upper intermediate Business English students that read newspapers or watch business news. (From the Cambridge Dictionaries online.)


 credit crunch

 economic conditions that make financial organizations less willing to lend money, often causing serious economic problems
After the Lehman shock the world went through a major credit crunch.

austerity measures

 official action by a government to reduce the amount of money it spends, or the amount of money that people in a country spend

The Greek government  imposed severe  economic austerity measures during the Euro crisis.


 a loan or other financial support that is given to a person, company, or country to help them when they are in financial difficulties
 財政問題を抱える個人・会社・国を救済する目的で行われる、 貸し付けその他の財政支援
The bailout of troubled banks post-Lehman was a politically unpopular but ultimately necessary measure.

too big to fail

 describing a bank that is so important to the economy of a country that the government will give it public money to prevent it from failing. This happened with many big banks between 2008-2009

UK taxpayers funded too big to fail banks with billions of pounds, which makes the latest round of public spending cuts very hard to take.