Top Business English Words from the Recession pt. 2 景気後退時において使用頻度の高い、ビジネス英語表現 その2

This is the second part of business English words that dominated the headlines during and after the Lehman shock. An essential read for upper intermediate and  advanced Business English speakers. (From the Cambridge Dictionaries online.)


toxic debt

 debt that has little chance of being paid back or of being paid back with interest, or an asset of which this is true
The trading of toxic debt was one of the major causes of the financial crisis.
double-dip recession
 a period of time during which economic activity goes down, increases a little, and then goes down again
The Tankan survey suggest that Japan is entering a double-dip recession.

bad bank

 a bank that takes bad assets (= assets that have lost their value) and bad loans (= debts that are unlikely to be paid back) from other banks or organizations and deals with them in order to help with economic problems
The Treasury is creating a bad bank that will take on the toxic assets that have damaged the global banking system.


 a situation in which prices keep rising but economic activity does not increase
Japan could fall into “stagflation”–a combination of stalled growth and rising prices–if Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s pro-growth push fails, Morgan Stanley says in its new economic outlook.