Tim’s Best of the Year - ティムのベスト・オヴ・ザ・イヤー

Everyone that knows me knows that I love making lists and with the end of the year coming, it’s a perfect time for a “Best of the Year” list.


Best Film I watched this Year


Truth is that I couldn’t really watch many films this year and most of the films that I could watch needed to be family friendly to protect my daughter from any possible traumatic experiences. I did manage to watch a few good films though some of which were “Mad Max”, “Inside Out”, “Whiplash”, “Birdman” and “Guardians of the Galaxy” but the best film I watched in 2015 was “Interstellar”, a gripping, incredibly ambitious Science Fiction film that I think will be regarded as a masterpiece for decades to come.

実のところ、今年はそれほどたくさん映画を見られず、見たものはほとんど、娘が怖い思いをしないようにと、家族向けのものにならざるを得ませんでした。しかしながら、いいものも何とか数本は見ることができました。『マッド・マックス』 『インサイド・ヘッド』『セッション』『バードマン あるいは無知がもたらす予期せぬ奇跡』『ガーディアンズ・オブ・ギャラクシー』などです。でも2015年で一番よかったのは『インターステラー』。心をわしづかみにする、非常に野心的なSF映画で、今後数十年にわたって、名作とされることでしょう。

Best Album I listened to this Year


Unfortunately I couldn’t really listen to much new music either this year, though I was able to revisit some classic albums I hadn’t heard for ages such as Miles Davis “Sketches of Spain” and John Coltrane’s “Giant Steps”.  In regards to new music I listened to this year there was one album that really stood out, and that was D’Angelo’s “Black Messiah”.


Best Book of the Year


This one is pretty hard. I always try to alternate between fiction and non-fiction and I’ve read some wonderful books in both categories so far this year. The best non-fiction book I read was the “Steve Jobs” biography by Walter Isaacson and the runner-ups were “Creativity, Inc” by Ed Catmull, a book about how Pixar cultivates and sustains an environment of creativity, and “The War that ended Peace” by Margaret MacMillan, a book about how Europe stumbled onto the First World War.

これはかなり難しいですね。いつもフィクションとノンフィクションをとり混ぜて読むようにしていまして、今年はこれまでにどちらのいい本も読みました。一番よかったノンフィクションは、ウォルター・アイザックソンによる伝記 『スティーブ・ジョブズ』、次によかったのは、エドウィン・キャットマル『ピクサー流 想像するちからー小さな可能性から大きな価値を生み出す方法』、それと、マーガレット・マクミラン『平和を終わらせた戦争』、これは、ヨーロッパの、第一次世界大戦によるつまずきを描いたものです。

As for fiction the best book I read this year was “The Goldfinch” by Donna Tartt, an almost 1000 page novel exploring themes of loss, grief, friendship and the timelessness of art. I absolutely loved every page of it. Runner up is “The Tiger’s Wife” by Tea Obreht.


Best Food of the Year


Food. I love good food. And Japan is a paradise for good food. This year I ate some marvellous Vietnamese food in our hotel in Vietnam, I ate great food at reasonable prices at my favourite Italian near my house, enjoyed eating at various of Fukuoka’s great restaurants, a number of delicious hotpot dishes at home but the undisputed champion of this category is the Kaiseki restaurant we went to in Shiga. The best place I have eaten in my life. Every single dish was delicious. This is the website http://kiyomoto.to.


How about you? What were your best of the year? Please feel free to share with us at Kensington as our last classes for the year are approaching.