Dvd Borrowing


We, at Windsor, are very excited to announce that from now on, you will be able to borrow DVDs from our library! We decided to start a DVD collection for our students so you can improve your listening skills and possibly your cultural (pop culture) knowledge.


The first DVDs we bought for you are the first season of a very very famous American sitcom called “Friends”. “Friends” aired for ten years from 1994 and became a huge success because of its very likeable leads, its pretty good writing and the good chemistry between the young stars. I think it is almost impossible to find a Western person over 20 that has never heard of “Friends”.


The reason we chose it as our first DVD set is that as a sitcom, though the situations can sometimes be quite unrealistic, the English used is mostly everyday English that may be not so hard to understand. Additionally. “Friends”, as one of the most successful shows in TV history, did have a significant cultural impact.


When watching TV dramas or films trying to understand the whole thing at one go is almost impossible for all but the most advanced of students, so it is best to concentrate on each scene separately, and while your studying method may vary, we’d recommend a combination of the following:


  • First, watch the whole episode with Japanese subtitles, so you can understand the premise.


  • Second, watch the scenes that interest you without any subtitles so you test how much of the English you can catch / understand. (Try to concentrate as much as you can on listening)


  • Thirdly, watch it with English subtitles and try to repeat the language (it may be a good idea to concentrate on language that you think is useful)


  • Finally, write down any expressions/vocabulary that you don’t understand and check them on the internet or on a dictionary or ask us at Kensington!


The steps above are just an idea, you can flip or add steps; basically you can use the DVDs anyway you wish, but please remember to concentrate on listening; if you just sit back watching a film or a TV drama with Japanese subtitles without concentrating on the audio then it has probably zero effect on your English ability.


You can find the transcripts of all the “Friends” episodes here:



We are planning to get many more DVDs for you to enjoy and study. Remember that you need to become a member of the library to use its services and there are two ways to do so:


  • Pay for lifetime at a  cost of 2000yen.


  • Buy extra tickets which not only are at an excellent price but also include library membership.