TOEIC単語リスト・日常生活関連の重要単語カード No.1

Hello everyone this is the first part of words that are very useful to beginner and lower intermediate TOEIC students on the subject of daily life. I will publish the second part shortly.


cloudy             曇った

conversation      会話、対談

cool                    涼しい、冷たい

coupon            クーポン、優待券

disease           病気、疾病

drive                  運転する、追いやる

dry                     乾いた、乾燥した

education        教育

entrance          入口、入ること

envelope         封筒

furniture          家具

grocery           (複数形で)食料雑貨()

heat                   熱、熱さ

hurt                   傷つける、害する