Tim’s Blog – Beer!! - ビール!!

The weather is getting warmer every day and for all us beer lovers that means one thing. Beer tastes BETTER!!!! Here are some important guidelines on how to enjoy a delightful glass of beer.

日に日に暖かくなって参りました。私達ビール党にとって、それはつまり…ビールが美味しくなるということ!!!!  今回は、グラスでおいしくビールを飲むための重要なこつをご紹介します。


    1)   Pour the beer with extra care

When pouring beer into a glass, you should take care to create fine foam in order to maintain excellent taste.

  1)   注ぐときに気をつけたいこと


 i) Put the glass on the table and pour beer in the middle of the glass from a relatively high position. When the foam has filled around a third of the glass, stop pouring for the moment.


 ii) Tilt the glass so as to keep the opening of the can at the glass edge and slowly pour the beer so that it flows into beneath the foam.


 iii) Gradually return the glass to the upright position and pour the beer in such a way that the foam rises.


 iv) When the glass has been 80% filled, put the glass on the table and make adjustments so that the foam occupies 20-30% of the glass.


    2)   Keep the glass clean

If beer is poured into an unclean glass the aroma and flavour are compromised. Wash the glass well and leave it to dry naturally

    2)    グラスは清潔なものを使いましょう


    3)    Keep the beer moderately chilled

The ideal temperature for beer is 6-8 degrees. Chill the glass as well, and you will enjoy the beer all the better.

 3)  ビールはほどよく冷やしましょう


   4)    Drink the beer while it’s fresh

The freshness of beer is gradually lost as time passes. It is desirable to drink beer as early as possible within the best-by period.

   4)     ビールは新鮮なうちに飲みましょう


 Information from Asahi Breweries.