Adjectives ending in -ed and –ing -ed で終わる形容詞と-ingで終わる形容詞

Many of my students often are confused when using adjectives that end ‘-ed’ (e.g. ‘surprised‘, ‘interested’) and adjectives that end ‘-ing’ (e.g. ‘surprising’, ‘interesting’)

生徒さんの多くが、-ed で終わる形容詞 (例:surprised「驚く」、interested「興味がある」)と、-ing で終わる形容詞(例:surprising「驚かせる」、interesting「興味を起こさせる」)の使い分けによく戸惑っています。

-ed adjectives

-ed で終わる形容詞

Adjectives that end in ‘-ed’ describe how people feel about something.

-ed で終わる形容詞は、物事について人がどう感じているかを表します。

·         I was very bored during the conference, everybody spoke in Cantonese and I can’t speak a word.
·         He was very annoyed when he found out that his boss had taken his car without permission.
·         It was a very hard day and he felt tired and depressed so he went to bed soon.

-ing adjectives

-ing で終わる形容詞

Adjectives that end in -ing are used to describe things and situations that cause the feeling – a boring party makes you feel bored.

-ing で終わる形容詞は、人に感情を起こさせる物事や場合を説明するのに使われます。例えば、a boring party「人を退屈な気分にさせるパーティー」で、人は feel bored「退屈した」気分にさせられます。

·         Have you seen that film? It’s terrifying.
·         My boss can be so annoying.
·         My job is tiring and depressing.

Remember that people can be boring or interesting but only if they make other people feel bored or interested.

boring や interesting は人を説明するのにも使えますが、その人が他の誰かを bored や interested な気分にする(つまり、退屈な気分にさせたり、興味を起こさせたりする)場合にのみ使えることに、気を付けて下さいね。

·         He’s always talking about Aikido for hours. He’s so boring.
·         NOT I was very boring at the party so I went home.

Here are some more adjectives that can have both an ‘-ed’ and an ‘-ing’ form.

-ed と -ing 、両方の形をとれる形容詞を、ここでもう少しご紹介しておきます。

·         exhausted, exhausting
·         frightened, frightening
·         frustrated, frustrating
·         satisfied, satisfying
·         shocked, shocking
·         terrified, terrifying
·         tired, tiring
·         amused , amusing
·         annoyed, annoying
·         bored, boring
·         confused ,confusing
·         depressed, depressing
·         disappointed, disappointing
   ·         excited, exciting