Idioms that contain the word face 「顔」という言葉を含む慣用句

Let’s face it, there are a lot of idioms that contain the word face:
Here are some of them
a long face : If you have a long face, you look sad:
“Why do you have such a long face?” “My school is not the biggest English school in Fukuoka yet.”

「何でそんな浮かない顔してるの?」「 僕のスクールが、まだ福岡で一番大きい英会話スクールじゃないからだよ。」

face the music : to accept criticism or punishment for something you have done
It’s time for you to be a man and face the music.


be in somebody’s face :  If someone is in your face, they criticize you all the time:
I am very tired of my manager. He is constantly in my face. I’m thinking of changing jobs.


put on a brave face : to behave as if a problem is not important or does not worry you:
She seems OK after she was sacked for being unprofessional, but I think she is just putting on a brave face.


stuff your face : to eat a lot:
I’ve been stuffing my face all Christmas; it’s time to go on a diet.


laugh in sb’s face : to make it obvious to someone that you do not respect them:
People from other cities laughed in my face when I told them that Fukuoka is the best city in the world!!