Feet idioms – 足関連の慣用句

You will have the world at your feet with these idioms:


have the world at your feet : to be extremely successful and admired by a great number of people:


‘After Windsor Eikaiwa and Kensington Eikaiwa became the biggest schools in Fukuoka, Tim had the world at his feet.’


get cold feet: to suddenly become too frightened to do something you had planned to do, especially something important such as getting married


‘It wasn’t until he reached the Chapel, that Robert started getting cold feet about the whole idea of spending his entire life with someone who was obviously an uncontrollable lunatic.’


put your feet up : to relax, especially by sitting with your feet supported above the ground:


‘When I got back to my comfortable house in Yakuin after a long day at work, I finally could put my feet up.’


have two left feet: to move in a very awkward way when dancing:


Have you seen her dance, it’s like she has two left feet; She’s hilarious!!’


under your feet : If someone is under your feet, they are near you in a way that is difficult and prevents you from doing what you want to do:


‘It’s difficult to work effectively with the children all under my feet.’