First Meetings and Relationship related Idioms Part 1 - 初対面の場面・人付き合いに関する慣用句 その1

Do you get on like a house on fire with your co-workers? Do you have any idea what “getting on like a house on fire” means?


Idioms can be mystifying for non-native English speakers as it can be very hard sometimes to guess the meaning. Following is the first part of some very usual idioms related mostly to relationships and first meetings.


Break the ice : make someone you have just met less nervous and more willing to talk.

At my first meeting with the Fukuoka bank representatives, I tried to break the ice by making a Tom Cruise impersonation. Nobody was amused.



Be thrown in at the deep end: given a difficult job to do without preparation

It’s very usual for him to throw in his employees at the deep end and see if they can produce results.



not see eye to eye: disagree with someone

I don’t see eye to eye with Jonathan, after he made a rude comment about my daughter’s accent.



Get on like a house on fire: quickly have a friendly relationship with someone

Rudy and I got on like a house on fire after our first business meeting. We went to some of the best bars in Fukuoka.