First Meetings and Relationship related Idioms Part 2 - 初対面の場面・人付き合いに関する慣用句 その2

Have you felt sometimes like a fish out of water when you travel abroad? Then it may be time to come see us at Windsor Eikaiwa, improve your English ability and make sure that won’t happen again.


We continue with the second part of our first meeting and relationship related idioms.


Get into hot water: get into trouble

I got into hot water with my boss when I started writing on the business card given to me from our Japanese clients.



Put my foot in it: say or do something without thinking carefully, so that you embarrass or upset someone

I really put my feet in it when I met her for the first time. I mistook her for a man.



Fish out of water: feel uncomfortable in an unfamiliar situation

I felt like a fish out of water at that party. Everyone was speaking German!



A real eye opener: an experience where you learn something surprising or something you did not know before

It was a very unpleasant experience but at the same time a real eye opener. I will never be so gullible again.